Stuart's Notes

Cacciopolli Cloths

One last summer jacket for you and this is for another client who fell in love with the Cacciopolli bunch when he came for an appointment right at the start of spring.

The cloth is a stand-out and looks fantastic in natural light. The check is subtle but stylish and very wearable. The understated rust in the pattern is interesting too and just offers seasonal longevity as August turns into September and early October. 

The client, who has been with me for getting on a decade, wanted a much, much softer shoulder for this jacket. It is very lightly padded and the sleeve is cut slimmer than previous garments he has commissioned. I’ve cut it with a high arm-hole that we tweaked after the first fitting. We’ve gone for a relatively simple button that just has a hint of horn visible in it.

One other element my client loves about the Cacciopolli cloths is that they are refreshed each year, meaning that his jacket is that bit more unique. Many merchants come back every year with just about the same bunch. It’s the opposite with Cacciopolli, a very established Neapolitan business. In fact it’s not always easy to lay your hands on their bunch as they don’t produce that many each year. Mine is kept safely tucked away in a drawer!