Stuart's Notes

Under construction…

I often post images of finished items, so I thought it might be interesting to give you another perspective – a garment under construction. This is a blue blazer from a Loro Piano cloth that’s 100 per cent cashmere. It’s a very classic garment and the finished article will have gold buttons on.

It’s actually very close to being completed in this image, although on first glance may not appear to be so, due to all the white stitches that you can see. These are basting stitches and are put in for the first fitting and remain in during the whole process. The purpose of these stitches is to hold the canvas in place against the cloth. Early in the process the stitches allow for a certain amount of flexibility. For example those on the sleeves and side seams can come out during the first fitting. However those that are running through the body can’t because of the attachment to the canvas.

This garment is now at the finish-bar-finishing point: the next step is for the jacket to go out to the finisher who will sew all the linings, all the button-holes and the edge stitching. After that the basting stitches will be taken out, the jacket will be pressed, buttoned and sent to the customer in the US.