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Stuart Lamprell Bespoke

All of the garments made by Stuart Lamprell are bespoke. His business has always been based on consultations with clients from which clothes are created to the highest standard by handcraft through a collaborative process.
Stuart makes gentleman’s clothes for all occasions. Unlike some tailoring businesses, he does not offer made-to-measure nor is he governed by one specific style although there are certain characteristics a client is likely to see in a Stuart Lamprell Bespoke suit. He is less reliant on drape than other tailors, preferring to cut a clean chest along with a high armhole. The aim is to deliver a longer line through the side of the body and therefore promote a slimmer look. The clean, slim chest can also accentuate the shape – the ‘snap’ – into the waist, while never compromising on comfort.
As well as the elegance of his formal wear, Stuart makes exquisite clothes for other occasions. In particular, his sports jackets are noted for their effortless style.
One of the best aspects of bespoke for a client is the freedom which they have when consulting a Savile Row tailor. The skill of the craftsman means that just about anything is possible when it comes to sartorial matters.

The Process

Bespoke at Stuart Lamprell starts with an appointment. International clients in the US and beyond Britain are seen on Stuart’s relatively regular overseas trips. However the majority of his clientele are invited to visit him at No.11 St George Street, a couple of minutes away from Savile Row.
In an initial consultation with a first-time customer Stuart blends easy conversation with taking a full set of measurements and cloth discussions (excellent contacts within the business ensure that he offers the best of British and Italian fabrics). An understanding of the client’s lifestyle and what they want from bespoke clothing helps the process at the outset.
As well as the many measurements that are taken, an individual’s unique configuration characteristics – a slightly dropped right shoulder etc – are also noted. Stuart will use these to create each client’s paper pattern from which his garments will be cut. Stuart will then call on his expert team of trouser, jacket and waistcoat tailors to make up items before an initial fitting.
Stuart’s high standards mean that a client’s first suit is likely to take up to three fittings as he demands perfect pitch and balance from the garments that he creates. Sometimes he may request a fourth fitting to ensure he is content. Between 60 and 80 hours handcraft will go into the making of a Stuart Lamprell suit. From start to finish the process is likely to take between 10 and 12 weeks.
Stuart is happy to accommodate those customers who want to place trust in his hands when it comes to their orders. However, as an excellent communicator, he derives even more pleasure from fulfilling and sometimes developing the ideas that some of his clients bring to him. His own love of classic and contemporary movies enables him to offer guidance and inspiration.
Every suit, every item Stuart creates is important to him. He has no standard block to routinely fall back on, so doesn’t try to impose a standard look on a customer. The variation means that he stays fresh with each commission and that is evident in the clothes he creates for his many satisfied customers.

I have been using Stuart’s tailoring business for years. Great cut, great service. My suits are enjoyed by me and admired by many.
— P.A